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Our Story

My name is Dalia,

And for as long as i can remember i have always been fascinated with design, fashion, textures and colors. I remember picking out my own jewelry at the age of 4, keeping a small jewelry box by my bed and showing off my latest collection to the neighbors.

I had a pair of shoes for every outfit, dresses that swirl, princess crowns and every girly accessory you can imagine.

I was creating my own jewelry by the age of 7. Nothing more than strings and beads obviously, but it was sacred to me. They were kept in a secret box I used to hide from everyone, and were shown only at very special occasions.

Time passed, I finished high school, I served in the IDF, and it was only natural to me to apply to a leading jewelry design school in Israel. After graduation I worked as a jewelry designer for a couple of Israel based Jewelry Houses, slowly gaining more and more confidence as I progressed to higher marked brands. During that time I was lucky enough to meet Ilia, who became my husband later on. I was visiting the Israeli Diamond Exchange to purchase diamonds for one of my creations, and Ilia happened to be the diamond dealer I was sent to.

We got married one year later, and decided to establish our own family jewelry business, after all we had design and diamonds already covered :) .

Since we both are perfectionists at what we do, every little detail is important to us when we make our jewelry. Custom orders are my favorite part as it's the ultimate creation that should reflect one's tastes and personality.