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About Us

Dimonds Mine Store

Diamonds Mine is a reputable jewelry company specializing in manufacturing of high quality custom design and personalized diamond jewelry and engagement rings. When Diamonds Mine was established our mission was to produce high quality jewelry, at high production level while maintaining fair prices. We manage to achieve this goal due to several factors:


  • We believe in producing In-house. All our jewelry is designed and manufactured by the company's staff. This process allows us to closely monitor the production of jewelry, from sketches and design to the moment it's delivered to the customer.
  • Diamonds Mine's factory and offices are located in New York's Jewelry District and the Israeli Diamond Exchange. This strategic location gives us the ability to be a direct channel to the diamond trade, to choose ourselves uncompromising quality diamonds, high finish level, and allows the customers to purchase our jewelry without mark-ups or middle man.
  • Specializing in online ecommerce, low overhead and high end technology we maintain low costs and thus are able to offer our clients world's most competitive diamond prices.
  • Diamonds Mine has already built great customer experience selling custom made and personalized engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry on world's best online marketplaces:
    - Amazon : Best Buy for moissanite engagement rings;
    - Etsy : Unique, handmade engagement rings, pendants, bracelets, wedding rings;
    - eBay : experienced online jewelry store offering attractive prices in daily deals.

Our company specializes in design and manufacturing of a wide range of diamond and gemstone jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants etc.

We use only the highest quality pearls, gemstones and diamonds in our jewelry as well as recycled white, yellow and red gold of 14k and 18k. The Diamonds we use are subject to the Kimberly Process, meaning none of our diamonds are blood diamonds.

We Purchase our Diamonds through Auctions and Tenders at the Israeli Diamond Exchange thus enabling us to offer our customers the world's finest diamonds at most competitive prices.